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Healthy Aging/Anti-aging

An active, long-lasting, healthy life is everyone's right. It prevents aging and degeneration of cells, ultimately restores the body's cellular functions, and activates the function of hormones related to youth through customized prescription of nutrients necessary for reversing the biological age, antioxidant fluid treatment, and intestinal/liver detox program. It is a specialized program unique to Na Clinic that allows you to turn back time and find your former vitality.


Hormone Balance Clinic

Na Clinic does not perform fragmentary blood hormone level tests performed in general medical care, but identifies changes in the number of adrenal glands/thyroid glands/gonads (female, male)/growth hormone, etc. and their mutual influence relationship, and accurately diagnoses hormonal balance and functional abnormalities based on an understanding of individual life patterns such as sleep, environmental harmful factors, and stress.

· Treatment of female hormone imbalance: Premenstrual syndrome, irregular menstruation and amenorrhea, menstrual cramps, etc. · Insulin resistance, diabetes, thyroid hormone treatment · Hormone therapy for menopausal disorders for women/men · Hormone therapy related to obesity · Osteoporosis hormone therapy


Cancer Recovery/Prevention Clinic

Cancer is not formed in a short time, but is formed by old wrong eating habits and lifestyle based on an individual's heredity. Na Clinic finds the cause of cancer and promotes fundamental treatment and prevention. We combine anticancer treatment with treatments that help cancer cells die better, alleviate the side effects of anticancer treatment, and provide ultimate immune and metabolic status improvement and dietary habits coaching to help patients quickly return to their daily activities after treatment and prevent the occurrence and recurrence of other secondary cancers. These include high-dose vitamin C treatment, personalized immunotherapy injections with lipoic acid and selenium, mistletoe, and thymosin alpha one treatment.


Chronic Fatigue Clinic

It is a program that restores daily vitality for people with adrenal fatigue, unknown fatigue, dizziness, headache, tinnitus, and general lethargy.