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Functional Medicine

What is
functional medicine?

It is a medicine that seeks to understand the patient's entire body, find and solve the cause of the disease, rather than just looking at the patient's revealed disease or partial physical symptoms.


It is not just about solving
the symptoms of disease

It is a medicine that fundamentally approaches the cause of a disease. It is a field of medicine that identifies and treats the biochemical and physiological causes of abnormalities in the body, ranging from the pre-disease stage to the disease. It covers not only various chronic diseases of modern people, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, autoimmune diseases, hormonal diseases including thyroid, but also symptoms that are not diseases but that reduce quality of life, such as fatigue, insomnia, depression, pain and weight gain. It prevents complications in all processes leading to aging, and also serves to help patients recover faster during the existing treatment process if there is a disease.

In other words, it helps a quick recovery when there is a disease, and in the pre-disease stage, it allows the body's biochemical and physiological states to go in the direction of health rather than disease.


Functional Medicine VS General Treatment

Functional medicine is different from conventional general treatment.

General Treatment
· Disease-centered thinking · Doctor friendly · The same popular treatment for everyone · Focus on early diagnosis
Functional Medicine
· Metabolic and health basic factors-centered thinking · Patient friendly · Personalized treatment for each individual · Focus on finding the root cause of disease, treating it, and preventing it


Functional Medicine Treatment

  • Patient-Centered Treatment We provide personalized care that is
    optimized for each individual by listening to
    all the factors that can affect health such as
    all the history and even small living elements of
    medical care patients for an energetic and healthy life.

  • Treatment based on scientific evidence For symptoms of various patients,
    such as metabolic problems and nutrient deficiencies
    that are not found in general examinations,
    we identify the cause and provide fundamental
    cures through scientific examinations
    from various functional medicine perspectives.

  • Presenting an integrated treatment method We do not just end treatment with a
    doctor's prescription of medication.
    We actively engage patients in treatment
    so they can improve their lifestyle.


7 Major Biological Imbalances Covered By Functional Medicine

  • 01

    Imbalance of hormones and neurotransmitters

  • 02

    Energy imbalance and mitochondrial lesions

  • 03

    Imbalance of detoxification and biotransformation

  • 04

    Imbalance of immunity and inflammation

  • 05

    Digestion, absorption and microbiological imbalance

  • 06

    Structural imbalance from cell membrane function to musculoskeletal

  • 07

    Total integrative imbalance of nerve-mind-body-soul