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Obesity Clinic

We analyze the root cause of obesity and provide personalized diet management, safe drug prescription, and even a delicate body shape management program. It is a specialized program that can give not only physical health but also external satisfaction, and it includes Vital slim IV (Arginine-based), Saxenda and safe anti-obesity medication prescriptions, a variety of body management lasers, and lipolytic injections including extracorporeal shock wave (ESWT).


Features of Diet Obesity Treatment

  • 1. Examination of Causes of Obesity We find and solve the causes of obesity,
    and treat obesity-related symptoms and diseases in combination.

  • 2. 1:1 Personalized Care The direction and method of obesity treatment
    should be different for each individual.
    Through one-on-one personalized treatment with a personalized doctor,
    we provide personalized treatment
    for weight loss as well as prevention of yo-yo effect.

  • 3. Personalized Prescription Arginine, high-content vitamin IV and othersA 'healthy' diet
    that reduces body fat while finding vitality in daily life is
    possible with personalized prescription of arginine,
    high-content vitamin IV, and
    other nutrients that activate energy metabolism.

  • 4. Objective Data We not only improve the weight and
    body fat percentage values checked with Inbody every time,
    but also confirm the improvement of
    abnormal test values seen during blood tests with objective data.

  • 5. Use of Qualified Drugs All anti-obesity drugs of Na Clinic provide
    the best prescription for the patient's health condition,
    and only drugs that have been verified in terms
    of safety and effectiveness are used.

  • 6. Lifestyle Coaching The subject of obesity treatment is the patient,
    ‘me’.We provide lifestyle coaching to
    help patients understand and practice diet management,
    sleep, exercise, and nutrient intake
    by correcting lifestyle habits that cause obesity..

  • 7. Enjoyable Treatment Process Obesity treatment should be an enjoyable journey
    for both the patient and the therapist.
    Path to Better Health is with Na Clinic.


Diet Program for Me

*All treatments may vary in composition and content depending on the individual's health condition and treatment purpose

Na Clinic Arginine Vital Slim IV · Na Clinic is a hospital specialized in premium IV. · We provide IV and oral nutrition therapy by finding the nutrients you need to recover and stay healthy. · Na Clinic's obesity IV contains a combination of arginine, carnitine, and vitamins B and C, which are known to be effective in activating body fat breakdown and maintaining muscle mass, as well as personalized nutrients necessary for individual health recovery. Arginine Effect · It activates body fat breakdown, inhibits fat formation. It increases insulin sensitivity and helps to reduce visceral fat, and the effect of reducing waist circumference is quick. · Prevention of muscle loss: It raises the energy metabolism rate to prevent yo-yo effect, helps to maintain muscle mass and generate energy, improves liver detoxification function by activating urea cycle, and helps to recover from fatigue. · Anti-aging: It is effective in anti-aging by stimulating the secretion of growth hormone. · Cardiovascular health: It helps with blood circulation in the body, and helps with strength and stamina.


Na Clinic’s 3S Solutions

A diet that is hard on the body is the wrong way. We provide a diet solution that reduces only body fat in a healthy and smart way.

Smart · If you normalize the body's metabolism by balancing the energy metabolism function and the hormones related to body fat, you can have a healthy and efficient diet without starving hard. Through treatment with arginine, carnitine, and vitamin IV that activates the breakdown of body fat, it becomes a healthy diet that mainly loses body fat without excessive reduction in the amount of food or exercise. Slim · In addition to overall weight loss, we will solve the problem of partial obesity to make you look slimmer. Na Clinic's safe and effective body fat-dissolving injection and extracorporeal shock wave, high frequency, ultrasound, and endomorphic treatment remove excessively accumulated subcutaneous fat, fibrotic tissue and cellulite. We complete obesity treatment with the Inside Out healthy slim line that patients want. Solution · Obesity treatment should be presented with a comprehensive solution that considers all of the lifestyle habits (diet, sleep, stress, exercise, etc.), genetic constitution, energy metabolism balance, and prevention and treatment of related adult diseases. Na Clinic presents a comprehensive solution tailored to patients and provides integrated obesity treatment from lifestyle to drug treatment.

Na All

Body Shape Management Program


Endermologie Treatment

It decomposes unnecessary fat cells deep in the subcutaneous fat and has an excellent effect on body lines such as cellulite and skin elasticity. The advantage of 3MAX is that it has three functions: ultrasound, high frequency, and endermologie suction for body shape management and cellulite treatment. As three functions act on the body fat in the target area at once, the fat cell membrane bursts, the fat cells are decomposed, and the liquefied fat flows out. Fat cells are reduced by the principle of "lymphatic capillaries > lymphatic vessels > veins > excretion of extracorporeal wastes." Terminals for face and body are attached to promote lymphatic circulation due to high frequency and suction, thereby eliminating swelling as well as allowing the decomposed body fat to be discharged quickly.


Extracorporeal Shock Wave Cellulite

We use an extracorporeal shock wave device to remove the fibrous septum that causes cellulite bumpiness, and then solve the fundamental problem of cellulite by increasing blood supply, removing wastes, and remodeling collagen. In addition, the effect of fat reduction can be expected by reducing the size of the enlarged fat cells, and it induces cosmetic improvement by increasing the elasticity of the skin.

*Na Clinic's extracorporeal shock wave and endermologie radiofrequency therapy are safe and professional enough to show excellent effects in the treatment of lymphedema in breast cancer surgery patients.


Na All Slimline Injection

The inner thigh, outer saddle bag, flank love handle, upper arm, and lower buttocks are typical parts of obesity that are not easily lost through overall weight loss or exercise alone. This area is a 'cellulite' tissue that is hardened by inflammation and fibrosis of adipose tissue. Na Clinic's own slimline injection is effective for cellulite reduction as well as for dissolving fat in the fat area.

Features of Na All Slimline Injection · It does not contain steroids. · This is not a factory-type fat dissolving injection that is made and stored in advance. It is a 1:1 customized prescription according to the patient's adipose tissue condition, and it is prepared just before the procedure. · It not only dissolves fat, but also loosens and circulates hard fibrous cellulite tissue, which is effective in improving clumps and bumpy body lines. · We do not perform excessive treatment. All procedures at Na Clinic put the patient's health first.