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Functional medicine

We will provide a variety of customized medical care to those who have symptoms but are in the 'gray zone' (the state that is neither healthy nor diagnosed with a disease) where no disease has yet occurred, so that they can detect and prevent disease at an early stage. We will do our best to help patients regain satisfactory health.


Functional Medicine Examination Items

Blood Hormone precision (thyroid, male/female, anti-aging, stress hormone), internal organs (anemia, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, liver function, kidney function, fat metabolism index), vitamin D, protein, albumin, reactive oxygen species & antioxidant power test
Urine Organic acid metabolism (metabolism ability, intestinal health/liver detoxification, vitamin B metabolism, neurotransmitters)
Hair Test for tissue mineral balance and heavy metal accumulation
Biological Age Health age (body, organ, hormonal age), life expectancy
Dielectric Precision Cancer, adult diseases, obesity, diet, exercise, nutrition, drug metabolism, etc. (blood, saliva)
Stress Precision Autonomic stress-fatigue and brainwave test
Hormone Precision Stress hormone in-depth examination, female/male hormone in-depth examination, growth hormone in-depth examination
Immune Precision NK cells - Immune cell activity test
Intestinal-mucosal health and gluten sensitivity test
Intestinal permeability or leaky gut syndrome test - Zonolin, Histamine, DAO
Environmental hormone BPA
Hormone Precision Acute allergy test (food, environmental factors), chronic delayed food allergy test (90 types)
Nutrition Precision Omega 3/6 in-depth examination and amino acid in-depth examination


Various Functional Medicine Tests

  • Blood Test, Hormone Imbalance Test Analysis of the balance and reciprocal effect of
    important hormones that affect the function and aging of
    the human body, such as adrenal hormones, thyroid hormones,
    growth hormones, and female/male hormones. In addition to
    the diagnosis of basic acute and chronic diseases, it is possible to
    obtain various information on the risk of progression to
    cardiovascular disease, immunity, and aging.

  • Heart Rate Variability(HRV) It is a test that measures autonomic nerve activity,
    that is, sympathetic nerves and parasympathetic nerves,
    through pulse waves measured in the blood vessels of the wrist and ankle.
    It is possible not only to quantify the
    patient's subjective stress and fatigue symptoms,
    but also to understand the patient's autonomic nervous system activation status.

  • Urine Organic Acid Test It is a comprehensive functional medicine basic test item.
    Through this, it is possible to find out in detail whether the functions
    (energy generation, detoxification metabolism) that occur in the cells of
    the human body are properly performed, and to check the synthesis
    and metabolic processes of neurotransmitters,
    as well as harmful microorganisms in the intestine such as fungi.

  • Hair Mineral Test It analyzes the human body's heavy metal poisoning state and
    the balance of various minerals through the hair. It is possible to
    check the level and balance of key minerals essential for
    healthy functioning, such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper,
    and selenium, and identify functional abnormalities in the body.

  • Genetic Analysis Test Through genetic analysis of the human body,
    it is possible to predict the risk of serious diseases such as
    cancer and dementia in advance, and to genetically identify the
    body's metabolism and response to food and nutrients,
    so that personalized nutrition prescriptions and
    disease prevention are possible.

  • Intestinal Microbiome Test Intestinal microbes not only affect the gut,
    such as irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease,
    but also affect our body in a variety of ways, including obesity,
    dermatitis such as atopic dermatitis, immune diseases, colorectal cancer,
    depression, and dementia. It is possible to diagnose dysbiosis of the
    intestinal microflora, improve all symptoms,
    and prevent related dangerous diseases.

  • Food Immune Reaction Test Through food immune reaction test,
    IgG antibody levels are measured for 90 foods from
    various food groups, such as grains, eggs, and meat,
    to find foods that cause immune-inflammatory reactions in the body.
    Elimination diet eliminates the ultimate cause of
    related immune diseases and symptoms
    (thyroiditis, autoimmune diseases, various dermatitis, etc.).

  • NK Cell Activity Test NK cells are important immune cells that first detect and
    eliminate pathogens that invade from the outside and cancer cells,
    which are abnormal cells that occur every day in the human body.
    The NK cell activity test can measure
    the body's immunity with just one blood draw.

In addition, active oxygen/antioxidant ability test and BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) test are conducted.