Path to Better Health NA CLINIC

Who is the most precious person in this world?
In the midst of too busy work or our busy daily life that runs like a treadmill, we ask ourselves whether we are neglecting ourselves, perhaps the most precious thing in the world.
We have seen hospitals as places to go when we get sick.
Even if you go because you are sick, it is often difficult to expect meticulous attention and treatment that puts ‘me’ at the center of what caused the pain.
Na Clinic opens the way to provide personalized medical care just for ‘me’, for all the precious ‘me’ in the world.
We pay close attention to even the patient's small pain, understand each person's innate genetic constitution, lifestyle, and related symptoms and diseases in an integrated way, and guide patients on the path to finding a ‘healthier me’ rather than just handing them a pill bag. Na Clinic will be the first hospital you go to when you are sick, and a hospital you return to with the joy of finding a healthier you even when you are not sick.

Director of Na Clinic Song Hyo-Young

  • fundamental treatment

  • optimal health

  • Customized nutritional therapy

  • empathy with the patient


Na Clinic pursues fundamental treatment that solves the cause.

We do not stop at only controlling the patient's symptoms, but we seek fundamental treatment that solves the cause by understanding and approaching all factors that can affect the patient's current health status in an integrated way.

  • Adequate communication with patients

  • Presenting necessary tests to patients

  • Integrated approach and personalized treatment plan

  • Treating the root cause and promoting health


We even identify your pre-disease state and
restore your health optimally.

We not only properly apply the latest standards for disease treatment to patients, but also perform the latest functional medicine tests if necessary, not only to diagnose the disease, but also to identify the 'unhealthy state' before the disease and optimize your health.


We provide personalized nutritional treatment.

We provide personalized nutritional treatment to restore homeostasis of the patient's body and enhance immunity according to scientific test results and we provide a way for patients to recover a healthy life by educating them about eating habits, environment, sleep, and stress management methods that affect their health.

  • Based on scientific test results

  • Personalized nutritional treatment

  • Education on how to manage health

  • Maintaining a healthy life


Na Clinic, the hospital that understands me best

True healing begins with empathy, which understands not only the patient's symptoms, but also the mind. Na Clinic, the closest hospital to me, is a hospital where you come back with the joy of finding a healthier ‘me’.